Pharmaceutical Sales Testimonials

Here is what satisfied customers had to say about our Resume Writing Service

Ann, Arlington, MA

The resume looks fantastic -- this is the best resume I've ever had. In the past I've hired people to write my resume but always ended up going back to my own version. The cover letter is great too. I couldn't be happier with your work. Thank you.

Robert, East Hanover, NJ

Thank you so much. This was so worth the money. I just got hired as a pharmaceutical sales rep and I truly believe that my new resume opened the door for me.

Frank, Allentown, PA

Thank you very much for helping me with my resume and cover letter. I now look at my resume and can't believe at what I have accomplished so far in life. You helped me take a vague resume and turned it into a winning resume. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Inna, Brooklyn, NY

WOW!!! You've exceeded all my expectations!!! I look so good on my resume now, that I'm almost blushed!!! Really!!! I look awesome on my resume! You've verbalized and furnished my own accomplishments better than I had ever done!

Megan, Toronto, ON

Thanks so much for my looks great!! I also appreciate how quickly you were able to complete my resume. Again, thanks for all your help.

Kelly, Silver Lake, KS

WOW!! I am impressed! It really looks great. Whoever you found to do this, they did a fantastic job.... This is a quote from my wife who is very knowledgeable on resume criteria. This is quite a compliment. She is highly qualified to evaluate resume quality. I also am very impressed. Thanks.

Tara, Boston, MA

Thanks for your help with the resume. Looks great - what a difference!!

Here is what satisfied customers had to say about our Interview Coaching Service

Jennifer, New York, NY

You really helped to build my confidence in an interview. Thank you for all the great coaching and helping me answer the tough questions you asked. Thanks.

Robert, Tucson, AZ

Because of your interview service, I now have a better perception of what pharmaceutical companies are looking for in a candidate.

Daniel, Nashville, TN

You interview help line taught me that the most important interviewing skill is learning to control the interview and manipulate your answer to sell yourself to the interviewer. Without your service, I could have never succeeded.

Kelly, Irvine, CA

Transitioning into Pharmaceutical Sales, I found your interview service invaluable. It was great to have an opportunity to practice interviewing with a real person and to learn all the pharmaceutical sales lingo. Thanks again, Kelly.

Here is what satisfied customers had to say about our eBooks

Maria, CA

I just wanted to write and say that your e-book was instrumental in helping me land my very first pharmaceutical sales job!! I used the first book to prepare for all of my interviews--which I aced, and ended up being the only candidate to go forward to meet the Regional Manager. I am now using the second book to prepare to succeed in the industry. The information you provided was relevant, practical, and simply stated. It puts those "other" books to shame!

Camille, NY

I applaud you on your initiative and creativity in writing these books. These books are a must read for the person seeking a career in pharmaceutical sales. The information was comprehensive, which included creative networking tips and even a section on fluency with clinical reprints -- that was good. Great job.

Liz, Dallas, TX

I just ordered "How to Excel in Pharmaceutical Sales" because of the tremendous success I had with your first book, "Launch Your Pharmaceutical Sales Career Today." I ordered the first book a couple of days before my very first interview, which was with a major pharmaceutical company. I really had no idea what to expect until I read your book. I had never been in the pharmaceutical industry, or any sales for that matter. After reading, I felt much more prepared for my interview, and most importantly, I sold myself and closed the interviewer as stated in your book. I never would have done that without your advice. To make a long story short, I got the job - after only 2 interviews! I was prepared for my interviews and I impressed my boss by selling myself and showing her that I could also sell her company's products. Thanks for the help in launching my career. I hope the next book will help me to grow my business and move me to the next level.

Megan, OK

I just wanted to show my appreciation for your book! I am a college graduate with no sales experience and thought I had no chance at landing a job with a pharmaceutical company! Especially since the economy is not doing well and the competition would be fierce. I was flown down to Texas to speak with the regional manager of Pfizer and it was my 8th interview and I got the job!! I am so excited and have just ordered the second book about how to excel at a pharmaceutical sales career! The questions were right on target. Thank you and I'm sure you will be hearing from me again once I put the second book into action!

Chris, KY

I ordered your book last week and I've already had a phone interview with a major company. I'm interviewing with Eli Lilly. Studying your sample interview questions and the rationale behind them helped me to do extremely well. I used a close similar to the ones in your book and the interviewer agreed to put me in front of management soon! The lessons in your book are ESSENTIAL to anyone trying to get into pharmaceutical sales. I feel like your book has really given me an advantage over the competition. You exceeded my expectations with your prompt response to my questions. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Thank you!

Kurt, IN

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your first book entitled Launch your Pharmaceutical Sales Career Today! in preparation for my Pharmaceutical Sales career search. After a lot of leg work, networking, and on-line application submissions, I began receiving telephone calls for interviews. Your book proved to be invaluable in preparing me for the interviews that followed. Last week, after numerous area manager interviews and "ride-alongs" I had regional manager interviews with both Pfizer and Aventis Pharmaceuticals. This week I accepted an offer from Pfizer and downloaded your second book, How to Excel in Pharmaceutical Sales. Having had no prior Pharmaceutical Sales experience, I look forward to using this book as the foundation of my successful sales career. Having the background of the companies, an idea of what to expect, and the questions that would potentially be posed allowed me to be much more confident and comfortable during the interviews.

Priya, New Bern, NC

I just wanted to say thanks. Your first book was wonderful. It helped me to secure a position with one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the industry. I will recommend this book to anyone who might be looking to get into the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks again.

Andrew, Memphis, TN

Prior to reading the book, I had tried for a couple of months to get an interview. After reading the book and becoming more aggressive in my search, I was able to obtain three interviews with different companies. The great news is I got offers from all three! I finally accepted a great sales position with Schering Pharmaceutical in the same city I currently reside. I think the most important section of the book, for me, was the interview section. I could tell that my interview preparation set me apart from the other candidates. Thanks for all your help!!

Tom, TN

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your book. I had a very limited time to prepare for my interview with AstraZeneca and I ordered your ebook the night before. What I needed was help immediately, and that is exactly what I got. The author could not have been more to the point with her concise question/answer format. It was like having the answers to the final exam, and I knocked it out of the park! Thank You

Bill, New York, NY

Thanks to your book, I got the job! I could not believe the responses I had to my resume after I used your suggestions. If I only bought your book earlier, I wouldn't have wasted a whole year searching for a pharmaceutical sales job.