Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Writing and Critiquing Service

We are the first website to offer a comprehensive approach consisting of two extremely informative eBooks, Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Writing Services, and Interview Coaching for candidates wishing to maximize their marketability and achieve a career in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

Let us turn your ordinary and dull resume into a "knock their socks off" Pharmaceutical Sales Resume.  Our professional and experienced Pharmaceutical Sales Resume writing staff will take your resume and turn it into a professional marketing tool that best demonstrates your abilities and strengths.  Your resume will be tailored to a Pharmaceutical Sales position by using everything we know about you and the industry and what a hiring manger is looking for in a candidate.

We are not a resume factory like many other companies.  To write an effective and polished pharmaceutical sales resume requires 5 to 10 hours of research, getting additional information from you, strategic thinking, and creative writing.  Unlike some resume writing mills, we do not hire contract resume writers with no real-world experience.  All our resumes are written from scratch and no resume generation software is used.  Our resume writing staff writes powerful, compelling, effective resumes that are impossible to ignore.  Professionals in the industry such as recruiters and hiring managers claim resumes written by a professional are given higher priority in the "weed out" process because these resumes contain sales lingo and key phrases.  A professionally written pharmaceutical sales resume is essential for the serious applicant for a pharmaceutical sales position.

Your resume needs to stand out among the competition. Imagine yourself as a hiring manager with 100 resumes from 100 qualified applicants.  How would you narrow the playing field to a couple of resumes? You can't interview all 100 applicants.  The solution is to carefully scrutinize each resume and eliminate resumes with any flaws or inconsistencies.  When writing your pharmaceutical sales resume we will make sure that your most marketable skills stand out and we'll give you the best chance you can have to get the interview.  It is unfortunate but this is why so many poorly written pharmaceutical sales resumes end up in the waste basket and so many people can't seem to get that coveted interview.

Let us write a powerful Cover Letter for you.  A resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter.  A cover letter allows you to personalize your resume.  The letter's main purpose is to advertise all your strengths and skills and to tell the prospective employer why you are the right person for the job.  Our expert staff will write a professional cover letter showcasing your strengths and will tailor your cover letter to a particular sales position in a particular company.

Will your resume pass the "weed out" test? When a resume is submitted to a company, most often, the resume is passed through screening software that is designed to "weed out" the "bad" resumes and keep the "good" resumes.  It does this by looking for certain keywords that are very important to hiring managers.  If your resume passes, it will be identified as eligible to pass on to a prospective hiring manager.  If your resume fails the screening, it will be deleted from their system.  We will pack your pharmaceutical sales resume with enough keywords and key phrases to satisfy human and computer screeners.

Does your resume look 100% professional? Not only does your resume have to contain the correct keywords and skills, but it also needs to look polished and professional in order to get noticed.  After we're done with your pharmaceutical sales resume, we will deliver a professional looking resume that is a testament to your own professionalism and will easily be noticed by a hiring manager.

Here is what you get with our pharmaceutical sales resume writing service:

  1. Your resume format will be changed and enhanced to turn your resume into a very professional-looking marketing tool that will demonstrate your most marketable skills in the pharmaceutical sales industry
  2. Your resume will be scanned for important keywords and if it is lacking in this respect, the correct keywords will be placed where appropriate
  3. Each past job description is scrutinized and optimized to be as relevant as possible to the pharmaceutical sales industry
  4. Your resume will be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed.  If you are not completely satisfied with your new pharmaceutical sales resume, we will gladly address any issues you may have until you are completely satisfied with your resume.  Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

ASCII Text Resume Conversion Service.  If you're submitting your resume online, chances are that the website will need a text version of your resume for submission.  You may also need this for e-mail applications.  We convert your resume in to a very specific format that is accepted industry-wide.

How to Order a Resume Write & Cover Letter Write

Step 1: Send your resume as an attachment in one of the following formats to the following email address.  Please make sure you have month and year of employment and city and state for each job listed.

Send resume to:

Resume Formats: Microsoft Word(*.doc), Text(*.txt), Rich Text Format(*.rtf)

Step 2: Choose your resume length.  Our expert resume writers will add significant content to your resume.  They will add anywhere from half a page to one full page of additional content.  If your resume content fits on half a page, then choose a 1-Page resume.  Otherwise, you will need to order a 2-Page or 3-Page Resume.  1-Page Resumes are generally acceptable for recent college grads with no relevant experience.  If you have relevant experience such as sales or have two or more past job descriptions, you will need at least a 2-Page resume.

Step 3: Click on one of the "Add to Cart" buttons below. Once you order, we will email you with the estimated time of completion.  You can expect 2 to 5 business days for delivery depending on the turnaround time you choose.  For a resume rewrite or cover letter write, we will email the resume or cover letter to you in a Microsoft Word format when it has been completed.  We may contact you via email while working on your resume or cover letter to ask for additional information.  If you have any additional questions about our service, feel free to contact us here.

You can also order by Phone: Call us and we can help you with your order.  Call us at (412) 447-1742.

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Service 5-Day Turnaround 2-Day Turnaround
1-Page Resume and Cover Letter $325
2-Page Resume and Cover Letter $375
3-Page Resume and Cover Letter $425
1-Page Resume $300
2-Page Resume $350
3-Page Resume $400
Additional Page for Resume $50
Cover Letter $50
Resume Critique $50
ASCII Text Resume Conversion $25
Miscellaneous $25