Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of perks do Pharmaceutical Sales Reps enjoy?


Most pharmaceutical companies offer very attractive, lucrative benefit packages aimed at acquiring and retaining top talent in this industry. These pharmaceutical companies offer very competitive benefit packages that may include: high base salaries starting from $50K to $70K, uncapped bonuses, five weeks paid vacation, stock options, a company car, free gas, company expense account, 401K, pet insurance, all-expense-paid trips as prizes, exotic destinations for meetings, and more.

What sets your book apart from other books and programs?


First and foremost, this book tells you where and how to begin the job search. The book provides brilliant ideas to find leads beyond the typical job hunt of newspaper ads. Secondly, you will learn to sell and gain a thorough understanding of sales dynamics. This book provides you with a realistic look at a typical day for a rep which will allow you to prepare yourself to convince the interviewer that you are the best fit for the position. In addition, you will get a glimpse into the mind of the interviewer. You will be armed with all the information to have a successful interview and have the advantage of knowing what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. While other books offer you generic interview questions and answers, this book offers 59 carefully thought out, quality questions and answers that will help you close the deal on your pharmaceutical sales interview. Many of these questions are directly related to pharmaceutical sales. This book contains very practical and useful information that has spelled success for many people in the past. After reading this book, you will have a definite edge over the competition and have an increased confidence in your resume and interviewing skills. What also sets this book apart, is the powerful sample resume and cover letter that are included and have been used in the past with tremendous success! The resume has attracted many interviews and many job offers and is yours to use as a reference! This book offers you the most comprehensive guide to obtaining a career in pharmaceutical sales at a fraction of the price of other books on the market. This book is designed specifically for obtaining a pharmaceutical sales position by using proven techniques obtained from managers, field trainers, interviewers, recruiters, and sales representatives.

Why should I order your book?


If you are serious about landing that pharmaceutical sales job that you've always dreamed of, then this book is for you. This is an absolute must-have book for anyone seeking a career in the pharmaceutical sales industry. Many candidates fail to proceed in the interview process due to lack of preparation. Preparation is power and differentiation is the key in this highly competitive industry. This book covers every aspect of obtaining a position so that you can begin to interview with confidence. Confidence that shines through and exemplifies your ability to be chosen for the pharmaceutical sales position.

I have sales experience but it is not in pharmaceutical sales. Do I still have a chance in obtaining one of these jobs?


Yes. It is all about your preparation for the interview, knowledge of the industry, and your ability to sell. People who have held sales positions in the past are very marketable in the pharmaceutical sales industry and have succeeded in landing a pharmaceutical sales job.

Can this book benefit someone who already has pharmaceutical sales experience and is looking for another pharmaceutical sales job?


Yes. As you may already know, the competition is fierce and this book will teach you incredible techniques that will give you the clear advantage over the competition and help you land the job.

Why is it so tough to land a pharmaceutical sales job?


Pharmaceutical sales jobs can be very rewarding and lucrative and that means that everyone wants to have one. Most companies offer very competitive benefit packages that may include: high base salaries, uncapped bonuses, five weeks paid vacation, stock options, a company car, company expense account, 401K, exotic destinations for meetings and more. With all these benefits, who could refuse!

Do I need a bachelors degree to land a pharmaceutical sales job?


Yes. Because the competition is so high, companies use a bachelors degree to filter out candidates. A degree also tells the company that you have the drive to complete something all the way through.

I have a bachelors degree but no sales experience. Can I still land a pharmaceutical sales job?


People do land these jobs with a minimum of a bachelors degree and no sales experience. If you put your mind to it and really go after one of these jobs, there is a good chance of landing them, especially if you are outgoing and are not afraid to teach other physicians about a product. Our best advice would be for you to learn everything you can about this industry and try and understand what those interviewers are really looking for. This is where this book comes in. It will come down to how well you can impress the interviewer and let them know that you have what it takes to sell. You will need to research the company you are interested in and if you get an interview, try to impress them with your knowledge of the industry and your knowledge of their company. This eBook shows you how to obtain a position in this industry. This book offers tremendous insight into qualifications that pharmaceutical companies seek in a candidate and will help you prepare for every aspect of acquiring a pharmaceutical sales position. Drawing on experience of recruiters, managers and experienced reps, you can be certain that all bases are covered. This book can help anyone interested in landing and acing an interview to get a job offer in Pharmaceutical Sales. The interview questions provided will definitely help you ace the interview. We also offer resume rewriting and LIVE interview practice and consultation that will prepare any candidate beyond any competition.

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?


Please send us an E-Mail if you have any questions about any aspect of your Pharmaceutical Sales Job search or if you have any questions about our services. Click here to contact us.